Can You Freeze Chillies?

Can You Freeze Chillies?

If you’ve bought fresh chillis to use in a recipe or have a bumper crop of chillis from growing your own, you may be wondering what to do with them. While chillies are great for making lots of spicy dishes and giving food a nice kick of heat, there may come a point where you are wondering what else you could possibly do with them. Can you freeze chillies to preserve them for use at a later date?

Can You Freeze Chillies?

Can You Freeze Fresh Chilies?

Yes, you can absolutely freeze chillies and there are few methods you can use for doing so which I’ll explain further down in this post. Chillies will last for around six months in the freezer. 

How To Freeze Chilli

When freezing fresh chillies there are a few options you can use. Which one you use will depend on whether you want to freeze your chillies whole or whether you think it’s worth preparing them first so they are ready to be used quickly and easily in various dishes you may need them for at a later date.

Tips for preparing Chilli

Fresh Chillies should always be handled with care.

  • Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling chillies. Alternatively, you could wear disposable gloves.
  • Extra care should be taken not to touch anything else while preparing chillies – especially your eyes and nose.
  • Clean all knives, chopping boards and anything else that the chilli has come into contact with immediately after preparing chillies.
  • Do not use the bathroom while preparing chillies.

Can you freeze chillies to preserve them for use at a later date? 

How to freeze Chillies – Method 1

Chillies freeze very well, so if you’re short on time they can be placed in a ziplock freezer bag or airtight container and popped straight in the freezer as they are. Remember to add a label to say what they are and date it so you know when they were frozen.

Freezing chillies in bulk this way will mean they need to be defrosted and used together. Alternatively, you could freeze them down in smaller one or two chilli portions.

How to freeze Chillies – Method 2

If you want to freeze whole chillies but don’t want them clumping together try this two-step method.

Firstly, place the chillies on a baking tray with a little bit of space in between them. Freeze for two hours until hard.

Next, remove the tray from the freezer and place the individual chillies in a container or zip-lock bag and return to the freezer.

This method stops the chillies clumping together and means you can remove one chilli at a time as needed. It also prevents the need for using lots of different bags or tubs for storage.

How to freeze Chillies – Method 3

Preparing your chillies before freezing them is a great way to ensure that they are ready to go whenever you need.

  1. First, remove the stalks from the chillies.
  2. If you’d like to freeze chilli rings/slice then cut the chilli into these and move on to step 4.
  3. Finely dice the chillies being careful not to touch your face or eyes while doing do.
  4. Place the diced chilli or chilli rings (or a combination of both) into an ice cube tray in portions sizes you think will suit your cooking.
  5. Top the ice cube tray up with either oil or water. An individual cube of chilli can be popped out and used as needed.
  6. These will last for around six months in the freezer.

Alternative Ideas For Preserving Chillis

While freezing chillies is a great option for preserving them, there are a few other methods you might also like to consider.

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