Can You Freeze Canned Fruit?

Can You Freeze Canned Fruit?

While canned fruit will typically last for years, once opened you only have around seven days before it starts to turn sour. This may lead you to wonder whether you can freeze canned fruit to prolong its shelf life once it’s been opened.

Canned fruit comes in many different varieties and is an excellent store cupboard staple.

It’s also perfect for taking away on camping trips or making sure you have nutritious food even if you can’t get to the supermarket very often.

Once opened, canned fruit can be stored in the fridge for around seven days, but if you don’t think you’ll use it up in this time, the best thing to do to prevent food waste is to freeze it.

Note: The words canned and tinned can be used interchangably, so the information on this page applies to both canned and tinned fruit.

Can You Freeze Canned Fruit?

Yes, you can freeze canned fruit once it has been opened. Ideally, it should be drained of any brine or syrup that was in the can and frozen 2-3 days after opening. This will ensure it has a few days’ shelf life after being defrosted.

Canned fruit is usually already quite soft in texture and freezing can make it go a little mushy. However, frozen canned fruit is perfect for using in smoothies and purees.

Which Canned Fruits Can Be Frozen?

Pretty much all types of canned fruit can be frozen, this includes:

  • Canned Peaches (whole, halves or slices)
  • Canned Pears
  • Canned Cherries
  • Canned Fruit Cocktail
  • Canned Grapefruit
  • Canned Blueberries
  • Canned Cranberries
  • Canned Mandarins

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How Long Does Canned Fruit Last In The Freezer?

3 Months

Canned fruit will last for years if frozen correctly and the freezer temperature of -18 °C is maintained. However, if you want to eat the canned fruit while it’s at its optimum quality, don’t leave it in the freezer for longer than three months.

After three months the frozen canned fruit may start to lose some of its taste and texture and could also become more susceptible to freezer burn.

How To Freeze Canned Fruit

Before you freeze canned fruit, you’ll need to decide on the portion sizes you want to freeze. Fruit bear in mind that larger portions of fruit will take longer to defrost, whereas freezing smaller portions means you can take out what you need as and when you need it.

Larger canned fruits such as peach or pear halves, may benefit from flash freezing and this will enable you to remove one or two of each from the freezer at time. You could also freeze small portions of fruit in an icecube tray for handy bitesize portions to throw into a smoothie.

  1. Before freezing the canned fruit rinse of any brine or syrup from the can.
  2. To flash freeze larger fruits, line a baking tray with baking paper and place the fruits half an inch apart. Freeze for 2-3 house until solid before moving on to step 3.
  3. Place your fruit into a freezer safe contianer such as a ziplock bag or plastic container. You could also wrap larger fruits in cling film or tin foil.
  4. Label and date the fruit before placing in the freezer.
  5. Canned fruit will last infdeinitely in the freezer but is best eating within three months.

How To Defrost Canned Fruit

The best way to defrost canned fruit is to thaw it overnight in the fridge as this will prevent it from entering the danger zone for bacteria.

If you’re planning on using the fruit in a smoothie, you could use it straight from frozen.

Using Canned Fruit After Defrosting

As mentioned earlier in the post, canned fruit can be quite soft after freezing and thawing but there are still plenty of delcious things you can make it with it including smoothies, compotes and fruit toppings for pancakes and other dishes.

There we have it, everything you need to know about whether you can freeze canned fruit!