Can You Freeze Tofu Curry?

Can You Freeze Tofu Curry?

Whether you’re planning some batch cooking to get ahead with meal times or have some leftover, read on to discover whether or not you freeze tofu curry.

What is Tofu?

The process to make tofu is actually similar to cheese making. Soy milk is condensed into blocks and as the taste is quite plain, tofu is great for sucking up whichever flavours are added to it.

Tofu is low in calories but does have a high-fat content, as well as being a good source of protein. This makes it a popular choice for those following a vegetarian or vegan diet but it’s also great for those who simply want to reduce their overall meat consumption.

Tofu Curry works because the tofu absorbs the curry flavours really well making it a tasty dish to make.

Can You Freeze Tofu Curry?

Yes, you can freeze tofu curry! Tofu freezes reasonably well, the only thing you may notice is the tofu is a little softer after being frozen.

Can You Freeze Tofu Curry and Rice?

Yes, you can freeze tofu curry and rice although rice can go a little bit mushy after being frozen and then reheated.

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Whether you're planning some batch cooking to get ahead with meal times or have some leftover, read on to discover whether or not you freeze tofu curry.

How To Freeze Tofu Curry

Freezing tofu curry is easy, which makes it a great option if you like to batch cook meals. Freeze in the portion sizes you would usually use but remember if freezing enough curry for say four people in one container, it will take much longer to defrost.

  1. Before freezing, allow the tofu curry to cool. If you’ve made a large batch, you may want to pour it from the pan into some baking trays to help it to cool more quickly.
  2. Place the curry into freezer-safe containers or freezer bags. Freezer bags are great as they can lie flat in the freezer.
  3. Label and date the containers –  this will help you to identify what’s in them and know when they should be used by.
  4. Tofu Curry and be kept in the freezer for around four months. Any longer and it the texture may start to deteriorate although it will remain perfectly safe to eat.

How To Defrost Tofu Curry

Defrosting your tofu curry should ideally be done in the fridge overnight. This stops the curry from spending too long in the danger zone where bacteria can start to breed, which can happen when food is thawed on the countertop.

If you’re defrosting a large batch of tofu curry, you may want to allow some extra thawing time.

How To Reheat Tofu Curry

The quickest and easiest way to reheat tofu curry is in the microwave. Cover your dish with cling film before reheating to prevent getting a curry splattered microwave and always ensure the curry is piping hot before serving.

Another way to reheat tofu curry is on the stove, using a saucepan and cooking over medium heat until the curry is bubbling. You could also reheat the curry in the oven although this method takes the longest and can be prone to drying the curry out.

However you reheat the tofu curry, you should always check its reached a safe temperature before serving. The internal temperature of food that is being reheated should be over 75°c for at least 30 seconds or 80°c for at least 6 seconds.

You can check this using a probe or digital thermometer.

In short, you can freeze tofu curry, it’s a great way to prevent leftovers from going to waste and the only difference you may notice after freezing is the tofu is a little softer than before.