Can You Freeze Chestnut Puree?

Chestnut puree isn’t the most common ingredient and there isn’t a whole lot of recipes that use it. So, you could end up with some leftover puree that you’re not really sure what to do with. Could freezing be the answer? Can you freeze chestnut puree?

Can You Freeze Butter Beans?

Butter beans are a delicious and easy way to bulk up meals such as stews and chilli con Carne. They are also easy to grow so are a popular choice for people who like growing their own vegetables. Can you freeze butter beans? Read on to find out.

Can You Freeze Cooked Turnips?

Turnips are lovely vegetables that go perfectly in winter soups and stews. If you’ve grown too many in your vegetable patch this year, you might be wondering if you can freeze cooked turnips to stop them from going to waste.

Can You Freeze Cobbler?

Cobbler is a popular way of using up fruit in the autumn but can also make a hearty savoury dinner when made with meat and vegetables. Would you like to know if you can freeze cobbler?

Can You Freeze Goose Fat?

While goose fat isn’t the most common ingredient, it is often used at Christmas for making roast potatoes. If you’ve got some leftover, you might be wondering if you can freeze goose fat to use later on in the year.

Can You Freeze Tofu Curry?

Whether you’re planning some batch cooking to get ahead with meal times or have some leftover, read on to discover whether or not you freeze tofu curry.

Can You Freeze A Ham?

Whether you want to get one in the freezer ready for Christmas or like having something that will feed a crowd at short notice, you may be wondering if you can freeze a ham.

Can You Freeze A Roast Dinner?

While roast dinner remains a very popular meal, it can be one that takes quite a lot of effort to prepare. It’s also one of those meals where it’s easy to prepare far more food than you actually need, so you might be wondering whether you can freeze a roast dinner.