Can You Freeze Goat’s Cheese? Everything You Need To Know

Goat’s cheese is popular for its tangy taste and smooth texture. It can be used in a multitude of dishes such as goat’s cheese tart as well as being served on its own or in a sandwich. If you have some leftovers, you may well be wondering if you can freeze goat’s cheese and whether freezing will have any detrimental […]

Can You Freeze Bacon? Yes, Here’s How (UK Edition)

Whether it’s back bacon for a cooked breakfast or streaky bacon for American-style pancakes, many of us have a pack of bacon in our freezers. If you won’t use up your bacon before the use by date, you might be wondering whether it’s safe to freeze bacon ready to use up at a later date.

Can You Freeze Lemon Cake? Follow These Tips

Tangy, sweet and delicious, lemon cake is a popular choice in our house! However, if you can resist eating all of it in one sitting (which doesn’t often happen here!) you might be wondering if you can freeze lemon cake to keep it fresh for another day.

Can You Freeze Sausage Gravy?

After several trips to the U.S.A, we are totally sold on sausage gravy. We often make it for breakfast at the weekends (along with American style biscuits, which are basically scones) and I also really like it as a sauce for pasta. This post takes a look at whether you can freeze sausage gravy.

Can You Freeze Honey?

As honey is very sweet and often used as a natural preservative, you may not have ever wondered if you can freeze honey. However, if you do find yourself with an abundance of the sweet and sticky substance favoured by bears everywhere, you may want to give it a try to extend the shelf life.

Can You Freeze Blinis?

Blinis are a classic staple of any cocktail party. If you love to get ahead with your party preparation, you may be wondering whether it’s safe to freeze blinis so you only need to reheat and top them with something yummy on the day.