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Can You Freeze Honey?

Can You Freeze Honey?

As honey is very sweet and often used as a natural preservative, you may not have ever wondered if you can freeze honey.

However, if you do find yourself with an abundance of the sweet and sticky substance favoured by bears everywhere, you may want to give it a try to extend the shelf life.

Why Would I Need To Freeze Honey?

As honey is naturally very sweet it does typically have a very long shelf life, so there may not actually be that much call for it to be frozen.

Honey doesn’t like temperature fluctuations or being in direct sunlight so storing in a pantry in the best way to keep it fresh. Honey will start to crystalize after a time but can be brought back to its original state by heating it.

The biggest problem for honey is if it becomes contaminated with water. This is when a fermenting process will start as adding water lowers the sugar content and then it becomes a feeding ground for yeast and bacteria. Interestingly, this is how mead is made.

If you have an excess of honey that may not be used within, say a year, then freezing can extend its shelf life considerably.

Most store-bought honey will come with a ‘best before’ date but is usually fine to use after this date has passed

Can You Freeze Honey?

Yes, you can freeze honey.

The freezing point of honey is actually quite a lot lower than the freezing point of water. Therefore, even when frozen honey will still be slightly viscous.

Does Honey Freeze Well?

Freezing honey can cause it to crystallize, so do bear this in mind if you choose to freeze it. Once defrosted, gently heating the honey will take it back to its natural state.

Does Freezing Honey Destroy Nutrients?

No, freezing honey does destroy any of the nutrients contained within it – in fact, it can actually help preserve them.

Can You Freeze Honeycomb?

Yes, honeycomb from the hive can be frozen too.

How To Freeze Honey

  1. Make sure the honey is in a suitable container for freezing, ideally a glass jar. Plastic containers are not ideal for freezing honey.
  2. Check the jar is well sealed with no spills or leakage and add a zip lock bag around the jar for extra protection. This should help stop the honey from absorbing other flavours from the freezer.
  3. Label the honey with the date it was frozen.
  4. I advise not freezing honey for more than a year.

Tips For Freezing Honey

Plastic containers should be avoided when freezing honey as they do allow some seepage and may not give the honey the full protection it needs while in the freezer. A well-sealed glass jar is a much better option.

Honey doesn’t cope well with fluctuations in temperature, so a dedicated honey freezer or placing it in a freezer that isn’t used often is the best way when freezing.

A freezer that is used often with the opening and closing continually may not be best suited to freezing honey due to the constant temperature changes. If this is the only options, try storing the honey right at the back of the freezer.

Using Up Honey Before Freezing

If you have honey to use up but have decided against freezing it, try some of these fantastic honey-based recipes.

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