Can You Freeze Cantaloupe Melon?

Can You Freeze Cantaloupe Melon?

When thinking about ways to preserve cantaloupe melon, I’ll be honest, freezing wasn’t the first thing that jumped into my mind. However, you can buy frozen melon in the supermarket, so there shouldn’t be any reason you can’t try to freeze cantaloupe melon at home.

Melon is one of my absolute favourite foods to eat when it’s really hot. The high water content makes it super refreshing to eat. However, whole melons can often be on the large side (cantaloupes can weigh anything from 0.5 to 5 kilos!) and there are times I have ended up with way more than I really need or will eat.

Once cut, melon deteriorates pretty quickly. A fresh cantaloupe once cut into pieces will last for around three days in the refrigerator. Any longer than this and you’ll want to find a way to get it used it up.

When thinking about ways to preserve cantaloupe melon, I'll be honest, freezing wasn't the first thing that jumped into my mind. However, you can buy frozen melon in the supermarket, so there shouldn't be any reason you can't try to freeze cantaloupe melon at home. 

Can You Freeze Cantaloupe Melon?

Yes. You can freeze cantaloupe melon. However, due to melons having a high water content, freezing will change the texture of the fruit and can affect the colour too.

Much like freezing Kiwi fruit, cantaloupe melon is often quite mushy after freezing. Don’t let that deter you though! The melon will still taste great and there are plenty of ways you can use it up in other dishes, such as smoothies and sorbet. More details on that at the end of the article.

How To Freeze Fresh Cantaloupe Melon

If you want to freeze fresh cantaloupe, there a couple of ways to go about it. You can choose whichever works best for you and how you’ll use the melon in the future.

Freezing a whole cantaloupe melon without prepping it first is not advised.

Flash Freezing Cantaloupe Melon

In my opinion, the best way to freeze cantaloupe is to flash freeze it. This means it will end up frozen in manageable sized portions for when you use it a later date. Here’s what to do.

  • Remove the skin from the cantaloupe melon and remove any seeds. Cut the orange flesh into either chunks, or slices, whichever you prefer.
  • Line a flat baking tray with greaseproof paper and spread out the chunks or slices of melon on the tray.
  • Place the tray in the freezer and leave for two to three hours until the pieces of melon are completely frozen. If you’re worried about losing track of the time you could set a timer for this – I usually use my phone or Alexa.
  • Once the canteloupe melon chunks are completely frozen, remove from the baking tray and place into a ziplock bag or other freezer-proof container.
  • Label and date before placing back in the freezer.
  • Frozen cantaloupe melon will last in the freezer for ten to twelve months. Remember that freezing will impact the texture of the melon and it will be mushier when once defrosted.

Freezing Cantaloupe Melon

If you don’t want to bother with flash freezing your melon, then you can still freeze it using the instructions above and miss those steps out. However, this will mean the melon chunks or slice will stick together during the freezing process and will all need to be defrosted and used up at the same time.

Can You Freeze Cantaloupe Puree?

Yes, cantaloupe puree can also be frozen. Place inside a freezer-safe container and allow around 1/2 inch around the top for the cantaloupe puree to expand. Label, date and freeze.

Defrosting Cantaloupe Melon

Cantelupe melon shouldn’t take long to defrost but should ideally be defrosted in the fridge overnight rather than on the countertop. If you’ve used the flash freezing method then you can remove a few chunks of melon from the freezer as and when you need them.

How To Use Defrosted Melon

After defrosting, cantaloupe is still delicious but does have a slightly different taste and texture. Therefore its better used as an ingredient in other dishes rather than eaten on its own. Below are some recipes that are perfecting for using up cantaloupe has been previously frozen.

Cantaloupe and Strawberry Smoothie

Cantaloupe Sorbet

Spiced Cantaloupe Tea Loaf