Can You Freeze Baked Beans?

Can You Freeze Baked Beans?

Baked beans are a popular teatime choice here in the U.K. with almost 1.5 million cans being consumed every day. Originally considered a luxury item, the humble baked bean is now a staple in the majority of households. If you have more beans open than you need though, you might be wondering if you can freeze baked beans to use at a later date.

However you like to eat your baked beans, there is no denying they’re a quick and easy option when it comes to feeding hungry mouths. The most popular way to eat beans is the traditional beans on toast but they also work well as a side dish to banger’s and mash or fish fingers and chips as well as being served up as part of the traditional English breakfast.

Did you know?

‘A serving of baked beans on toast, accompanied by a glass of milk, offers over a third of the recommended daily amounts of Iron, Vitamins B1 and B2 as well as three quarters the amount of calcium we need.’ Source

Can You Freeze Baked Beans?

The simple answer is yes. Baked Beans can be frozen. There are a few things you’ll need to remember when freezing baked beans though to ensure you get the best possible results.

Can you freeze baked beans? Yes Baked Beans can be frozen. There are a few things you'll need to remember when freezing baked beans though.

Is Freezing Baked Beans Really The Best Option?

Baked Beans typically come in a tin can, which is one of the best methods of preserving food. Even if your tin of beans is getting close to it’s best before date, the beans will still keep better in the can than they would in the freezer.

It’s also worth noting, once the beans have been opened, they will actually be okay for three to four days kept in the refrigerator, just ensure if they’ve been heated up they are cooled before you put them in.

How To Freeze Baked Beans

If you feel that freezing baked is the best option, here is what you need to do. 

  • If the baked beans have been heated, ensure they are cooled before freezing.
  • Decant the beans into a Tupperware container or zip-lock bag.
  • Don’t overfill the container, as the liquid tomato sauce surrounding the beans will expand a little during freezing.
  • Add a label detailing the contents of the container, the date frozen and the expected shelf life.

How Long Do Baked Beans Last In The Freezer?

Baked beans will last for up to six months in the freezer. When they have been frozen and reheated once, this step should not be repeated a second time.

It’s worth remembering that freezing baked beans can alter the texture a little so it’s up to you to decide whether you are happy with this.

Defrosting Baked Beans

Baked beans are easy to defrost. Either place in the refrigerator overnight or allow to sit on the counter top for a few hours. Longer times may be needed if the frozen portion of beans was particularly large.

Reheating Baked Beans

There are a couple of ways to reheat baked beans once they have been frozen. My preference is for reheating them is in the microwave as I find on the stove top they can go a bit mushy. However, both options work perfect well.

Stir the beans when reheating to ensure heat is distributed evenly and there are no hot spots.

When reheating baked beans always ensure they are heated to a minimum temperature of 80 degrees Celsius.

Fancy Making Your Own?

There are many people out there who will say you can’t beat a Heinz baked bean, however, if you fancy trying your hand at making your own, here are a few recipes you could try.

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