Can You Freeze A Ham?

Can You Freeze A Ham?

Whether you want to get one in the freezer ready for Christmas or like having something that will feed a crowd at short notice, you may be wondering if you can freeze a ham.

A whole ham is one of my favourite things to cook at Christmas but it can make a fantastic meal at any time of year, especially if you’re catering for a lot of guests.

Can You Freeze A Ham?

The short answer is yes, you can freeze a ham. You can freeze a whole uncooked ham and you can also freeze a whole cooked ham.

Ham freezes really well and the taste and texture aren’t affected by freezing it.

Before freezing an uncooked ham, it might be worth taking a look at the use-by date. Whole hams often have quite a long shelf life due to being brined in salt, so it may be okay to store in the fridge for longer than you might expect.

Can You Freeze Honey Baked Ham?

Yes, you can freeze a honey baked ham. You can freeze a whole honey baked ham or cut it into slices or chunks depending on how you think you’ll use it at a later date.

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Can you Freeze a ham

How To Freeze A Ham

Freezing a ham is simple, but here I’m going to take a look at freezing a whole uncooked ham and a whole cooked one.

How To Freeze A Whole Uncooked Ham

If you’ve bought a whole ham from the supermarket or local bitcher then it’s usually well wrapped in plastic and will have a use-by date on too. If this is the case then you can simply pop it in your freezer exactly as it is. It can be left in the freezer for around a year before it will start to deteriorate and freezer burn may occur.

How To Freeze A Whole Cooked Ham

Before freezing a whole cooked ham, you may want to think about cutting it into smaller portions such as slices or chunks first. This will help to reduce defrosting time and allow you to only take from the freezer what you plan to use.

That said, there are advantages to freezing a whole ham, especially as a get ahead for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

  1. Before placing in the freezer, make sure your ham is cold all the way through.
  2. Wrap the ham in a few layers of cling film followed by a layer of tin foil for extra protection. If you’re slicing your ham then a zip-lock bag or plastic container will work fine.
  3. Label and date the ham. Ham should be defrosted and used up within three months for best taste and texture although it will be safe to eat after this.

How To Defrost A Ham

Ham should always be defrosted in the fridge, ideally overnight.

However, if you’re defrosting a whole ham, you may want to allow plenty of extra thawing time – between 48 and 72 hours should be enough.

Can You Refreeze Ham?

If your ham join went into the freezer uncooked, the cooked ham can be frozen once.

Cooked ham that has been frozen shouldn’t be frozen again.

Can You Reheat A Cooked Ham That Has Been Frozen?

Yes, you can reheat a cooked ham that has been frozen. Ensure the ham is covered with foil to prevent it from burning and ensure it’s reached a safe temperature before serving.

Safe Temperature: 75°c for at least 30 seconds or 80°c for at least 6 seconds.

Can You Freeze Cooked Ham Twice?

Cooked ham shouldn’t be frozen for a second time. Freezing ham twice can drastically affect the taste and texture of the meat and isn’t advisable.