Can You Freeze Butter Chicken?

Indian cuisine is hugely popular all around the world. Here in the U.K 23 million of us admit to having a curry on a regular basis. In our household, we probably have a curry once a week and an Indian Takeaway every couple of months. There is no way I’d want to waste any of our delicious Indian food so […]

Can You Freeze Doner Meat?

If you’ve ever ordered a bit more than you can eat from the local Kebab shop or after a heavy night out, you may be wondering whether you can freeze doner meat to eat at a later date. Read on to discover the dos and don’ts of freezing doner meat.

Can You Freeze Tofu Curry?

Whether you’re planning some batch cooking to get ahead with meal times or have some leftover, read on to discover whether or not you freeze tofu curry.

Can You Freeze Chip Shop Chips?

There’s nothing better than a portion of chip shop chips. Personally, I like mine with lashings of vinegar, salt and a blob of ketchup on the side. If your local chippy is generous, you might be wondering if you can freeze chip shop chips.

Can You Freeze Lentil Curry?

Lentil curry is a tasty dish, so on the rare occasion you have some leftovers, you might be wondering can you freeze lentil curry? This post takes a look at how to freeze lentil curry for the best results and includes tips for reheating and thawing.